French Style Icons to remember this Paris Fashion Week

March 2, 2016

Every season, Paris Fashion Week (PFW) comes around and thus, we feel it is only fitting to celebrate what French women are renowned for; their effortless style. It has long been said that Parisiennes have been doing chic better since the 1960’s, with the likes of Birkin and Bardot leading the way in the style icon stakes. What makes these ladies and other famed French …

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OtterBoxInsider x MFW | Day 3

February 28, 2016

  Like Nicky and Lorna, we are totally obsessed with street style at OtterBox, our obsession knows no boundaries so when LFW and MFW came around we were super excited to see what these ladies would come back with! While the focus of the weekend has been on the glorious outfits of the in-crowd in Milan during Nicky’s OtterBox Instagram take-over at MFW, we also wish …

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OtterBoxInsider x MFW | Day 2

February 27, 2016

  If New Yorkers can claim to have mastered the art of power dressing, and Parisians can assert they invented the laid back ‘I just got out of bed’ look, Italians deserve the accolade for dressing like absolute bombshells with that flair that is so distinctive, and yet so hard to channel for us mere mortals. It is the kind of dressing that jumps right …

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OtterBoxInsider x MFW | Day 1

February 26, 2016

If you thought that Style Bloggers would tire now more than halfway through their biggest fashion month of the year, you’ve underestimated their love of street style. We have #OtterBoxInsiders and style bloggers NickyInsideOut and Lornaluxe on the ground on the streets of Milan snapping the best that the city has to offer from the beautiful Piazza del Duomo to chic concept store 10 Corso Como – they have you covered for …

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Ciao Milano! MFW here we come!

February 24, 2016

We are in the midst of all the European Fashion weeks, having wrapped our Instagram Take-over with style blogger NickyInsideOut, where we celebrated the best of London Street Style during London Fashion Week, 2016. We are excited to reveal that our native Italian #OtterBoxInsider Nicky will continue her Instagram domination over on our official European Instagram Account this weekend at Milan Fashion Week, 2016! And …

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