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September 29, 2017

OtterBox City Meets takes Paris

September 29, 2017

Take a Walk on the Inspirational Side with #OtterBoxCityMeets

September 29, 2017


When you walk around your local streets, what inspires you? Colours? Textures? Patterns? At OtterBox, we’re inspired by the streets around the world and what makes them unique.

Wednesday 27th September marked the first of our OtterBox City Meets. Over the next two weeks, six #OtterBoxInsiders will each host a tour of their city. From the street style of the locals, to the smells of the food, each of them has a unique experience lined up to show their Instagram followers where they draw their inspiration from.

These guys cannot wait to meet their followers. They’ve been busy planning their own City Meets, ensuring they show their group a side of their city that is as unique as they are.

Our first stop is Paris, during fashion week no less! YouTuber and fashionista, Sofya Benzakour will take her group for a walk along the Seine among some of her other favourite spots. Be sure to follow her on Instagram to see what else they get up to.

Next, she’ll pass the baton on to foodie Philipp Stehler in Berlin. We’ll also be visiting fashion lover Joseph Clough in London, travel blogger Anika Morjaria in Dubai, design and fashion lover Marlot Willems in Amsterdam and fitness fanatic Donik Homiti in Stockholm.

Six cities. Six influencers. Six City Meets… and you can be a part of it. Follow our influencers to see where they’re heading and what they’re doing. Anyone is welcome to join. We hope to see you there!