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June 14, 2017

10 Road Trip Hacks with OtterBox

June 14, 2017

The Top 5 Travel Apps You Need This Summer

June 14, 2017


We all love summer. The sunshine, the smell of BBQs filling the air, after work gatherings, seaside strolls … but most importantly, it means holiday time out of the office! 🌴

Today more than ever your phone (stylishly protected by OtterBox) is an important part of any getaway. Whether it’s ordering an Uber, checking in online, capturing holiday memories, sharing those Instagram-worthy moments, spotting the best local eats or figuring out where in the world you are, you won’t get very far without your mobile.

We’ve got sunny summer escapes on our minds … so we’ve compiled a list of our Top 5 Travel Apps to help make your next getaway even more enjoyable.


1 Kindle
There’s no doubt that books are a holiday must-have, but carting 10 top-selling hardbacks makes carrying your hand luggage a workout in itself! The Kindle app is available for download directly on your smartphone, bringing you top summer reads without carrying another device! 👌

2 Google Translate
Travel brings the joy of experiencing different cultures, languages and people. We’ve all been there, you want to try something truly local on a menu but are not quite brave enough for it to go untranslated!  Thankfully, the Google Translate app allows you to download a language, point your camera at the text in question and translate in real time. It can also be used offline. What more could you need on your food tour of the local eateries?

Roaming charges can bring a nasty surprise after your return from a dream getaway! MAPS.ME is changing all of that. Simply download the map for your chosen destination before you set out for the day and it will work offline. No more insane data charges and you can find your way around without hassle!

Flying and airports can be the most stressful part of travelling. Getting to the airport on time, making sure you’re all checked in, triple-checking your flight time and boarding gate may not always be the dream start to your holiday. KLM’s App makes things a whole lot easier. Not only can you book flights and accommodation through the app, you can also check-in on-the-go, download your mobile boarding card, change your seats and get real time flight info too. Save your boarding pass to your Apple Wallet and you’ll get reminders of your boarding time too!  Perfect for the European jetsetter.

5 City Mapper
Unless you plan on spending your holiday in your hotel room, you will probably find yourself bemused by an unfamiliar public transport system at some point. CityMapper covers 36 cities (and counting). It’s an incredibly easy way to ensure you get from A to B without getting lost. Give it a try!

Did we miss anything? What’s the travel app you wouldn’t go without? We’d love to hear from you, so comment below!

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