Out of Office with OtterBox: Malaga Travel Guide

May 30, 2017

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May 30, 2017

Out of Office with OtterBox: Granada Travel Guide

May 30, 2017


Last week, we celebrated the turn of the season and brought a group of our favourite #OtterBoxInsiders on a road trip of a life time around Spain.

The beautiful city of Grenada was one of the places we visited with them. We have the low – down below for your travel bucket list!

Granada is widely regarded as the epitome of deepest part of Spain, where traditions are held in high regard, flamenco echoes around the whitewashed streets and the people speak the in the equivalent of ‘Oxford English’ –  Castilian. As far as travellers are concerned,this Andalucían city has plenty of charm and attractions, along with its scenic location at the foot of the Sierra Nevada and Alpujarras mountains.


Go for tapas – Even the saying “ir de tapas” (going for tapas and a drink) has found an important place in the language and culture in Grenada. Tapas are an essential aspect of Spanish life, and extend beyond the idea of just a simple dinner – a complete convivial experience in itself.

AND what makes it even more special is that Granada has kept up the custom of free tapas!!!! Yes free! No matter how aware of the tapas tradition you may be it always comes as a pleasant surprise to have a delicious free dish put in front of you along with your drink. For a wide selection of free tapas, head to Bodega Mas Que Vinos, set in a cute little street off Calle Zacatín. Or if you fancy more of an alfresco dining experience, wander up to the top of the Albaicín to Bar Kiki, just beside Mirador San Nicolás.


Visit the Alhambra Palace – The Alhambra is one of Granada’s most famous sights. It is a palace and a fortress from the Nasrid Dynasty. The Islamic architecture and artwork is simply stunning and you get amazing panoramic views of the city. You need to get there early in order to get a ticket into the palace itself as only a limited number are available. Otherwise you can simply roam around the gardens. Equally if you fancy being organised you can pre book in advance and collect from an automated ticked booth upon arrival.

Explore the Sierra Nevada – If you can, take a guided tour of the Sierra Nevada. You can experience the highest mountain range in all of Europe. They aren’t far and can be done as a day-trip . There are trails for both short, medium, and long hikes all of which range in difficulty.

Visit the Granada Cathedral – The Granada Cathedral has a stunning white-and-gold interior that reflects the historical power and wealth of the Spanish kingdom. The cathedral was built during the reign of Queen Isabella in the 16th century, and is an example of Spanish Renaissance style.

Explore the Alcaiceria – The Alcaicería, home of the Great Bazaar of Granada, was originally a series of streets between Plaza Nueva and Plaza Bib-Rambla, bursting with stalls selling Arabic silks, spices and other precious goods. Nowadays the only remaining section is Calle Alcaiceria, beginning just off the Calle Reyes Catolicos, and extending back as far as the Cathedral. It is an area rich with history and local culture, still packed with interesting, exotic things to buy.

Watch a Flamenco Show – Even if you’re not into dance, watching a flamenco show is a wonderful experience. It may be a little touristy, and not always inexpensive, but the passion with which which these dancers express themselves is reminiscent of a very important tradition and culture in this region of Andalucia.

Soak in a hammam – A modern spa imitating the ambiance and decorations of the ancient Moorish baths in Granada. It is a good way nowadays to relax and unwind.