3 Ways to beat the January Blues

January 24, 2017

Happiest by the Sea

January 24, 2017

5 Ways to accomplish your travel goals in 2017

January 24, 2017



We have discussed in detail our top tips to help you achieve your new year’s resolutions this 2017. We didn’t however share with you our favourite ways to ensure you manage to achieve your own personal travel goals this year. So this year, instead of regretting not visiting the places you have yearned to visit,  make some small changes and travel will never feel as easy.

Make a List

Lists are the best way to set out your travel goals. It’s definitely not rocket science but making a list makes your ambitions more realistic. It also helps you visualize which ones seem actually achievable. All you need is a little encouragement and a list definitely helps that.

Pick Destinations within your budget & plan early

For some destinations, the flights can be expensive but when you get there you can live on next to nothing. It’s always good to think about the value of your budget in the currency of where you are travelling so focus on places where the currency exchange leaves you with more rather than less or where the lifestyle is much cheaper than where you are from.

Planning ahead helps then to secure the best deals whether it’s on your flight or accommodation AND also means you can pay them off well before the trip leaving extra spending money for when you get there.

Explore locally

Travelling doesn’t always mean necessarily travelling to far off lands. There are plenty of places in your own backyard which are worth travelling to. The rise of the staycation has never been more popular with people preferring  hassle-free travel options. Get to know your own country, go to all the sights that many people travel miles to see and check off all the tourist attractions close to you. You will appreciate your own surroundings as a result.

Buddy up

The right travel companion is a must for travelling near or far. It can be a friend, a parent, a partner. Whoever it is, ensure you have similar likes, interests and budgets. It is also important to discuss expectations before travelling.

Embrace non direct flights

If you are travelling long haul, it can pay dividends to make 1 stop on route to your final destination. Whether it’s a few hours in an airport, or a night’s stay in an unknown city, use that stopover time to your advantage.

Not only will you get another experience from it, but you will save a tonne  which you can use when you get there.


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