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January 10, 2017

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January 10, 2017

3 Tips to get you out of bed in the Morning

January 10, 2017
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(but maybe not anymore!)

Attention all ‘non-morning’ people, like myself… you aren’t the only one who struggles with early mornings. I have never been a morning person. The snooze button is just too inviting and so is that extra 5 minutes of sleep that gets interrupted by the dreaded snooze button – it’s a vicious circle. I am sure you can relate.

Things have even started to get worse especially last month, when in between work, there were festive lunches, brunches, dinners – you name an excuse to socialise I was there and then paying the price for it the next morning. Now that December is over with, we have January to make a change.

Fear not, from one ‘non- morning’ person to another, here are just 3 simple tips to get you springing out of bed every morning.

1/ Avoid Sleep Procrastination

This is an extremely easy (bad) habit to fall into. Staying up late, watching bad series and movies are all part of the issue. In order to ensure you get into bed at a reasonable hour, set an alarm on your phone at night. This doesn’t need to viewed as an alarm – I prefer to view it as a gentle reminder to get yourself to bed before you resemble a sleep deprived zombie in the morning. Believe me you won’t miss that re-run of Friends that you have seen 100 times already, even if Ross and Rachel are getting back together, and you get that extra hour or so in bed to enjoy!

2/ De-clutter your room and surroundings 

It’s important to go to bed with a clear head. Not only do you need to empty your mind of all your thoughts, to-do lists but you also need to go to bed in a space that resembles your mind. A premature spring clean can help this and entice you to bed early in a tidy space. Try it and see.

3/ Reap the rewards 

I don’t know about you guys, but when you manage to get up early you accomplish so much more than if you got up that extra 30 mins – 1 hour later. Squeeze in a gym session, get that extra hour of work done before the office is busy enabling you to clock off earlier. Research also says that early risers  are generally more proactive, get more quiet time in the evening and potentially an easier commute and sleep better – too many benefits to ignore!!!

There are so many positives to get up and attack the day early – go for it!