November 3, 2016

OtterBox Pop-up Store, Galerie Art:ig, Munich 2-3rd December

November 3, 2016


November 3, 2016

1] How happy are you to be a part of Mixed Tape Vol 4 here in Amsterdam?

I am very excited for this one. This is the coolest project that I’ve done so far. The producers have been dropping the sickest beats on me one by one! I’ve also learned a lot from the producers besides sharing my expertise, so shout out to all the producers 

2] The MixTape Platform is all about nurturing up and coming talent, did you have a mentor at a young age?

As a producer, I did not really have a mentor. I actually learned the most from my friends. In the beginning I did get tips from The Flexican and Controverse. Who sometimes would mix my music for me. As a DJ however, I had Mr. Wix as a mentor for some time! He basically schooled me in performing in clubs.

3] What keeps you motivated to create music every day?

Besides performing as a DJ, I can be very happy when I make a nice beat. Or even sometimes if I hear a very nice beat i want to get started immediately and make something cool too. Of course other producers keep me sharp and put me to work!

4] What is a typical day like for you

I get up in the morning and eat my breakfast, usually a healthy yoghurt with granola and Acacia honey with some juice.Then I head out to the dojo to go kickboxing. It keeps me in Shape! I train three times a week with my coach and some friends. After training I eat something and then head straight to the studio. After the studio I hang with some friends or chill at home. If not busy with music the Playstation can keep me up for nights.

5] What is it like to see & mentor artists as they create their own music?

It’s very interesting. Everyone has their own way of working during the process. Some like to work in a more analog style. Then others rely more on plugins. Some work with Ableton or with Fruity Loops. And even if the producers use the same software tools they still vary the working process. I really like to see that diversity. I thought everyone was also so open to ideas, I appreciated that a lot. There would try to meet me half way on most occasions. It remains their music at the end of the day so they should be cool with what I propose or not do it. But it went really well!