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October 10, 2016

SheerLuxe and Luoana Negut, UpTownStyle Blog

October 10, 2016

Sheer Luxe and Julie Collier

October 10, 2016

 Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow with Sheer Luxe

Guest Blog by Julie Collier

Belgravia is to real estate & luxury what Otterbox is to phone cases. Basically the creme de la creme! What then, should one call it when the tip top calibre of female entrepreneurs meets with London’s most eager & aspiring business owners in Europe’s ONLY all female members club? The creme de la creme of the creme de la creme de la creme?!?

Seems about right to me!!

“The Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow” event was hosted by the female power house web phenomenon (and according to industry experts the fact that they have a dot come web page means these business women mean BUSINESS!) & was jam packed from breakfast to dinner with a panel of women who spoke on everything from international exporting to working from your garden shed!

The day was utterly inspiring but also daunting. In order to achieve in this world one MUST be outstandingly driven, hardworking & ballsy in the extreme. No does not mean no & money is not directly equivalent to achievement or success. Being an entrepreneur is built upon solid self belief & being a successful entrepreneur is built upon rock solid drive. Adaptability & rolling with the punches is something that cannot be taught but is just as key to a businesses success as the initial idea.

Dreams are just dreams until they are followed with action. The women we heard speak were nothing short of action heros!

A revelation of the day for me was that no matter what you studied in University/college/secondary school- it ultimately has very little to do with where you end up if its a thing that you trust in your own ideas & work hard. If you are clued into your weaknesses & use this honesty to surround yourself with people who can do things you can’t you are on the right track.

Not being afraid to admit shortcomings or asking others for help are also somethings I took away from the day.

Along with all the food for thought there was also some very inspiring aesthetics I noticed. Successful women exude confidence not only through their savvy business achievements but also trough fashion, glamour & wonderful accessories! What is the best reward for hard work you ask? RETAIL THERAPY! That’s my answer anyway & from the fashion in the room that day I am certain others agree.

My limited edition Strada phone case (in stone serpent) went down a storm & was so glamorous it distracted from my lack of a manicure (something I also noticed was employed across the multitudes of experts presenting on the day). My saving grace. Not to mention my phone slipped from my hands when the owner of the Grace Belgravia mentioned Cara Delevinge was an active member & frequented the gym & spa facilities regularly when she is in London!!

What a day & it was all thanks to Otterbox 🙂


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