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August 8, 2016

Introducing EVB, our latest #OtterBoxInsider

August 8, 2016

Whitney Rocha’s #SummerofSymmetry Parisian Adventure

August 8, 2016

As you guys know we’ve been enjoying a summer long adventure with some of our favourite #OtterBoxInsiders exploring some of the most beautiful cities around Europe and the Middle East. We invited you guys to join the adventure a few weeks ago and one lucky winner got the chance to visit the latest pit-stop on our roadtrip, Paris!

Here we catch up with Whitney Rocha, our lucky winner, who travelled to Paris with a friend of hers to explore the sites and sounds of the incredible City of Light to ask her three questions about her trip!

Describe your trip to Paris in three words!

Dynamic, exciting and fun!

Street art

Parisian Street Art!

What was your favourite moment of the trip?

My favorite moment was when we were strolling through the city and discovering all the cool (street) art that hides in the streets of Paris.

Menu Updated

Burgers to die for at ‘Bens’

Where was your favourite place to visit in Paris?

My favorite place to visit was a restaurant not far from our hotel called ‘Bens’. The food was so delicious and those burgers were to die for.

Stay tuned here for more #SummerofSymmetry road trip adventures and more chances to win!