Meet #MixtapeVol3 Artist Lokane

August 4, 2016

Whitney Rocha’s #SummerofSymmetry Parisian Adventure

August 4, 2016

Out of Office On!

August 4, 2016

Lets go to the Beach!

Holidays are meant to serve as the ultimate reset button, a moment to recharge the batteries and put everything into perspective. At times, it is important to reflect on recent achievements, changes in your life, or reasons to make specific changes in the future. These moments are important, helping you drop out of the rat race and rest so you can return to work with a renewed focus and even more importantly energy!

Our favourite Italian NickyInsideOut recently did that exact thing when she visited her home country and spent some time in Ravello. Of course as a blogger, she checked in on her emails from time to time on her smartphone to ensure things kept ticking over but nothing is more important than chilling out in the summer time and lapping up those Summer rays, with family and loved ones.



So go on, take time out and enjoy those moments offline. Your phone helps ease the stress by being able to check in remotely but remember on holidays use your phone to enjoy your time and make your life easier –  to take pictures of those special memories, to use google maps to get to your final destination or of course to take a cheeky instagram to make your followers super jealous of your amazing break!


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