Whitney Rocha’s #SummerofSymmetry Parisian Adventure

August 11, 2016

A Summer’s Tale with The Fashion Cuisine

August 11, 2016

Introducing EVB, our latest #OtterBoxInsider

August 11, 2016

That’s Eimear Varian Barry, for those who don’t know…

This week, we are super chuffed to be announcing our latest influencer collaboration with none other than Eimear Varian Barry or, put simply, ‘EVB’.

Eimear hails from the southern part of Ireland, Cork to be exact, but this ambitious lady left the Emerald Isle to pursue her dreams a number of years ago. Setting her sights State-side, she made the move to the US in her early twenties. A stylist by trade, Eimear cut her cloth working on numerous film sets, such as Sex and the City before spending a stint in Melbourne Australia. She now resides in leafy Surrey, Southern England, with her boyfriend Daniel and her two children, Saoirse and Harper.

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A mutli-tasker by nature, she wears a lot of ‘hats’; Mother, Blogger, Vlogger, Stylist and PR professional. Anyone can tell from her social media that her children are the apple of her eye. We cannot get enough of her daily updates as she candidly posts on Snapchat and Instagram Stories on every day life happenings. But Eimear has the natural ability to make even mundane task or routine look fun, and even manages to make parenting look relatively easy. She is quick to admit that she hasn’t found Motherhood a walk in the park, like most first-time Mothers, but her ability to smile, (Keep Calm and Carry On!) and have fun while doing so is so infectious.

Her Instagram, on the other hand, is less candid and more ‘curated’. It is a visual showcase of someone who is as comfortable behind the camera as she is in front of it. Her flair for creativity is very evident, and it’s safe to say that the stylist within her regularly shines through. Her style is brave and bold, yet minimal at the same time. She embraces style, is meticulous with every detail, and always puts her own stamp on every look.

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To go back to basics, she really is juggling it all, and building her own brand. Her entrepreneurial side is definitely flourishing and now she finds herself in a position of strength, being represented by Models 1 and collaborating with world-famous lifestyle fashion brands such as Laura Ashley,  Made.com and River Island. She is the epitome of the modern woman.

Being as tech-savvy as she is, and with such a big online presence, EVB is definitely someone whose devices – whether phone or tablet – deserve to be stylishly protected.


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