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August 23, 2016

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August 23, 2016

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August 23, 2016



It’s nearing the end of the Summer and, while we are pretty sad to say goodbye to long evenings, sunny weather and  al fresco dining, we are in some regards excited to get back into those little routines that make us fitter, stronger and happier. However, we know it’s not easy to get back in action, so here are some hacks to help you get back in shape and feel great as we approach the Autumn months.

Going to the gym is probably the easiest way to stay in shape and it can be helpful to look the part when you go. Gym gear is definitely something worth investing in – you need the quality but also it’s nice to feel good when you exercise!

Here are our top tips we have collated to help keep you healthy and exercising:

1. Find a gym that’s close by and convenient 

This can make all the difference. When time is precious, it is important that your gym is as close as possible so you can walk a few minutes or drive down the road. No excuses!

2. Find you playlist on Spotify

Music can be a life – saver at the gym. Forget staring at the screen and watching the minutes rack up. Time will go by slowly. Instead get some cardio in by listening to your favourite playlist or artist on spotify on your smartphone – there are so many playlists, there is definitely one for you!

3. Get up half an hour earlier 

If you’re like us and your days are already filled to with work and other commitments – but you want to commit to being healthier, it’s about planning ahead. The best time of the day to work out is the morning, no time is wasted ahead of your work-out and you have the evenings free after work to enjoy them and not drag yourself to the gym!  You will definitely have more energy, and be in a better mood and feel some what accomplished if you complete a morning session.

4. A short workout is better than no workout 

At times, we can kick ourselves as we don’t complete a full hour session at the gym. Fear not, 20 minutes at the gym is 20 minutes well spent, whether you do cardio or strength – every little helps!

5. Try classes 

Everyone is different and some people much rather go to the gym solo with their phone/music in hand as company. However there are now an abundance of classes to attend at most gyms.  It can help motivate you, adds an element of socialising to your gym life and day and can lead to fruitful relationships.

6. Live an active life

The key to living a healthier life is to live an active one. Walk when you can and make sure you classes or exercises that make you feel great! On top, cutting out sugary snacks and instead filling that with fruit, vegs and nuts can be another great way to make a change and be more happy and healthy.

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