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August 17, 2016

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August 17, 2016

Beautiful Barcelona

August 17, 2016


Recently we teamed up with The BohoTailor, one of out #OtterBoxInsiders who has in recent years relocated from the UK all the way to sunny Australia. The BohoTailor, or dare we say Helen, is a keen traveller, and this Summer was busy revisiting her native UK and globe trotting her way around Spain and notably Barcelona, where she stayed for 5 days.

Helen lives her life both online and offline but the virtual world is her bread and butter. As a digital influencer, she carries 2 devices at all times (one work phone and one personal) and of course multiple Drop and Protection Otterbox cases are her anti phone smashing prevention of choice alongside an accessory to match her neutral wardrobe.

Bohotailor_Otterbox  Bohotailor_Otterbox-2  Bohotailor_Otterbox-4 Bohotailor_Otterbox-5  Bohotailor_Otterbox-7 Bohotailor_Otterbox-8

How did they spend their time in Barcelona? They stayed in the Gothic Quarter, as its close to the beach, and also walking distance to ample coffee shops and good restaurants. Residing at a new development Catalonia Magdalenes and were all the while pleasantly surprised with the decor and architecture of the place. The view from the roof meant Barcelona Cathedral was in plain sight, with the pool and cabanas making it a little difficult to leave each morning.

Each morning with phone in hand, they walked over to Placa Reial, and had a much needed cup of coffee and tea and Hotel DO. White table cloths and a good selection of pastries meant an hour passed by in the Catalonian sunshine. Walking in a loop back to the hotel mornings were spent enjoying the Barcelona Cathedral. This was definitely a time her phone came out of her back pocket to capture the epic light play on the front of the church.

Eating out, Yelp was their go to app for some of the best restaurants in the city, finding little gems like a pinxto restaurant walking distance from our hotel called Bilbao Berria.

Top tips from Helen: If you are looking for one of the best views of the city, head over to Hotel 1898 on La Ramblas. Chillout house music with the sun setting sipping on a rum and fresh ginger cocktail had me at hello. This is how city trips should always end!

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