June 9, 2016

#SummerofSymmetry is Here!

June 9, 2016

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016 with Jane Cunningham

June 9, 2016


Jane Cunningham of Deluxe Home Diary is a true flower lover so it was a no-brainer that she would be the perfect #OtterBoxInsider to visit the RHS Chelsea Flower Show! We caught up with Jane after her weekend at the show to chat more about her love for flowers and her time at the annual garden show!

  • Flowers make me happy…. Because they really cheer up a room and add interest to everyday décor. I place flowers where I can see them, in the living room, on the centre island or dining table. Those that follow me on Instagram know that I love decorating my fireplace and dressing table with fresh flowers. And I’m sure I’m not alone in getting warm and fuzzy feelings when someone you love gives you a bunch of flowers?
  • My favourite flower combinations are Pale pink peonies and creamy blush roses as the main statement flowers, complimented with wisps of green bell and buplerum to add depth to the arrangement. That’s what I would buy if I was at a flower market but I usually tend to pick up a bunch of roses or peonies in the summertime and display them in a vase
  • I’m obsessed with finding quirky vases and ways to display flowers. I have chopped the tops off perfume bottles and used old candle and marmalade jars to display flowers. If the glass looks pretty I’ll probably put a flower in it! TK Maxx is brilliant for picking up cheap vases and they are always on trend
  • How to style a table… I love styling my coffee table and tend to use medium to small stem flowers (they’re easier to take pictures of), coffee-table books, candles and any interesting objects within my reach. My coffee table décor probably changes weekly and I always use flowers as the base colour, working in other objects or books I intend on flicking through to the table
  • The best way to make them (flowers) last longer is… to ensure that you chop half an inch or an inch (depending on whether they are long stem flowers or not) every few days and change the water when you are cutting them. Peel off any petals that look dead and get rid of most of the leaves the first time you put them in water. I can get up to 25 days out of roses by doing this! It justifies always having fresh flowers in your home – you get your money’s worth!

You could also invest in good quality faux flowers if that is not your thing. Not all artificial flowers are reminiscent of a funeral home! Yes, they can be quite expensive initially which is why people shy away from them, but they last years and if they are really good silk or synthetic ones it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference! John Lewis do great ones but I need to take my own advice and invest in some!image2

  • Key takeaways or tips from the Chelsea Flower Show

Firstly, I absolutely loved it!!! Some of the things I learned:

  • Small gardens can be equally as beautiful as large ones. One of the artisan gardens displayed was the Senri-Sentei garage garden. It was cute and compact and inspired me that even though my garden is small, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be pretty
  • The interior decorating trend of copper transcended into the garden design. I saw some gorgeous planting urn type objects in copper
  • It’s so much easier for us (well me definitely) novice gardeners to buy ready-grown plants or flowers. You just take them out of the plastic plant pots, dig a hole in your soil and hey presto, its like you have been pruning them all spring!
  • My favourite flower shopping destination is… Columbia Road Flower Market on a Sunday morning. It sells loads of flowers and plants at competitive prices. The surrounding shops also sell bread and cheese so its pretty perfect! New Covent Garden market has been on my to-do list for years but I’m not an early bird so I haven’t gotten around to going yet!
  • I also love… growing plants I can use. Herbs are easy to grow at home and you can keep them indoors. Adding your own mint to a mojito sounds pretty good to me! I have also grown chives and basil and you can pick these up from a supermarket. Just make sure to keep them watered and trim them regularly – chives can get out of control! If all else fails, get some cacti, its practically impossible to kill them – they are definitely the most low maintenance plant.
  • There’s nothing better than… Cooking on the barbecue, dining al fresco and a glass of rose in my hand. Bliss!
  • You can always win me over with a… Bouquet of flowers, or a bottle of wine, or a candle. Simple!

Jane Cunningham of DeluxeHomeDiary attended Chelsea Flower Show as a guest of OtterBox.


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