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May 4, 2016

OtterBox Adventures in Amsterdam with Joolie Collier

May 4, 2016


My Mother lived in Amsterdam for years after graduating university. I grew up hearing about her favorite city in the world, I cannot logically explain why it took me so long to finally visit but be sure it wont be long before I go back!

What a mish mash of old & new! The city is a vibrant contradiction of deep local tradition & new age hipster inspiration. I spent the entire time whippin’ my phone out & snapping everything in sight! I pressed my OtterBox Symmetry Series case up against so many windows trying to capture the serious interiors inspo that was spread far & wide across the city. From galleries, cafes, boutiques & eatery’s, the place is genuinely teeming with flavor for the eyes & the tums!

I took the Glacier (white) Symmetry Series case with me because no matter what I wore or where I tried to flat lay that bad boy it always looked so chic and modern. I ruined many a flat white (robbed from my boyf…lol) taking pics over the holiday, each place we stopped I made him order one so I could put my OtterBox down beside it and snap some magic ūüôā #instaboyfriendproblems

IMG_6835  IMG_6820  IMG_6872

I am a huge fan of shopping & of brunching. I can now confirm beyond any reasonable doubt that Amsterdam is the motherland for both these things!! We brunched in two remarkable places, the first was an independent establishment called “The Breakfast Club” on Bellamystraat ¬†& the second was “Lottis Diner” in the most delish/hipstery/homey Hoxton Hotel Amsterdam. Both these places were instagram central, my Symmetry fit right in! Totally cool, original and gorgeous (with MASSIVE portions!!) I am in love.

Capture3 Capture1  Capture

As far as shopping goes there is much to be said for going to ‘Dam with a full bank account & an empty suitcase. There are so many native brands & stores born from local culture, far too many to mention or visit in one trip- but the best advice I can give is bring an umbrella & your walking shoes! Explore the city by happy accident, walk everywhere (or bike if you are fit/brave enough) & take it all in. De 9 Straatjes or “9 Streets” is where you will find all your heart (& wallet) desires! One place I stumbled on was opposite Acne on¬†Oude Spiegelstraat, there was no name on the the door & it ¬†honestly felt like a¬†mirage! A tiny little shop filled to the brim with vintage designer gems. So so many handbags, it was like heaven!

IMG_6845  IMG_6828  Capture4

Make sure & find it when you are there-report back that it was real & not a hallucination!!

Make sure to follow more of Joolie’s escapades by following her instagram!¬†


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