Symmetry Series Clear – Minimalist Chic

May 26, 2016

Cereal & Symmetry Series – A Match Made in Heaven

May 26, 2016


If you, like us at OtterBox, are passionate about travel, the pursuit of discovery, exploring magical places and, above all, are inspired all the time by people, culture, traditions & customs and the gastronomy that they cultivate then you’ll just love Cereal.

It is published twice a year, with excellent photo and editorial production, it plunges us into all of its articles with passion and detail that is to the point, that it leaves us yearning to learn more, we can no longer get it out of our heads.


What’s more, if you are interested in a particular city, Cereal has also begun to publish complete travel guide. In printed version for the moment there are plenty of cities to discover, and online there is always the virtual tour of their beautiful website. Our #OtterBoxInsiders are forever feeling inspired by Cereal Magazine and bring it along with them (and their Symmetry Series cases) on their travels. Check them out here!



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