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April 11, 2016

OtterBox x Retroflame: Coachella

April 11, 2016

Why we still love Magazines

April 11, 2016

In the digital era that is 2016, we swear by remaining up to date by searching online and scrolling through our daily news sites, favourite blogs and social media channels such as facebook, instagram and snapchat to name but a few. There are however still some moments whereby we need to relax and immerse ourselves in print media. For sure, we spend 80% of our time reading the news on our trusted smart phones, but there are those prized points in time where nothing can beat flicking through glossy magazine pages. Yes, we will have our kindles, iPads as a constant source of information but we can still equally love magazines. And why hasn’t the rise of digital technology stamped them out already?

There are many reasons as to why they still maintain a cult status and keep their loyal subscribers, however with the digital age and while becoming part of the community, the online experience still underlines the idea of “this is me” and my opinion and “this is what I think”  – it’s immediate and ready for the world to see. You can curate and re-create on your own personal space to be exactly that. There are the most amazing sites such as Pinterest and Polyvore,  and alongside that there are individual blogs, which act as modern daily lifestyle diaries we can all get to peek into. At OtterBox, it goes without staying that we are massive fans of numerous sites and blogs, having worked with incredibly talented fashion and lifestyle influencers all over the continent and world.

But there is still a place and space for our magazines, to sit inside our handbag,and be part of our every day lives, journeys and travels, alongside our go-to gadgets. So let’s celebrate our favourite magazines and the talented editors behind them, who spend such time and great lengths to give their wisely thought through opinions, with such a strong, informed point of view. Whether focused on travel, nature, politics, literature, fashion or all of the above, magazines get to tell stories over space rather than time. They show you what they want to show and offer you time to ‘lean back’ and really think about what you are reading. The Luxury of time prevails.

Let’s not forget the art of the creative collaboration, the days when photographers would hang out in art departments and argue with graphic designers and the passion wound up all over the page – you could almost live and breath it. It’s these elements that make for amazing magazines, and why we collect or subscribe to our favourite magazines month to month.

Image Credit: Uptown-Style Blog