Strada Series – A Must for the Leather Enthusiast

April 5, 2016

A Tour of Cologne’s Street Art with Sebastian’s View / Mit Sebastian’s View auf Streetart Tour durch Köln

April 5, 2016


April 5, 2016


Long before informal wear or jeans were popular in Europe, Americans were leading the way in the style stakes – they couldn’t get enough of denim,  bomber jackets or plain, white T-shirts during the 1950s. Jeans were basically the go-to uniform of the fashion-conscious youth. Over the years, cult brands emerged such as Levi’s and Wrangler and Americans were the lead in the creation of a still-thriving industry specialising in replications.

The appeal of American style still reigns on today –  and while New York City may be the cosmopolitan hub where power dressing is the mood-du-jour, California is without a doubt the epicenter for a relaxed, yet tough, informal look. Interestingly the style movement is without any nod to class or status thus making this look iconic and also democratic – a  modern-day visual representation for what the USA represents: ruggedness, democracy, individuality.

And with cult-festival Coachella around the corner, a haven for stylish millennials, there’s something effortlessly cool about Californian style. It could be the constant state of sunshine or maybe the bohemian history that makes girls and boys from the Golden State seem so chic and carefree. So, at OtterBox, we decided to do a little digging to break down exactly what it is about these beach babes that makes us try to replicate their style.

What struck us is that though it never feels like they try too hard to create a great outfit – while they prefer to sport  jeans and a casual tee, they can make even the most low-key look feel well put-together.

So we’re embracing our inner West Coast alter-ego this week, with the style essentials it seems that no California girls and girls can live without. Floaty yet functionally fashionable layering pieces and simple accessories. And of course the best in laid-back jeans.

And as Coachella approaches in Mid April, we are excited to not only embrace the look but to announce that we will be collaborating with one of our favourite bloggers for the big occasion. Stay tuned to find out more next week for the upcoming announcement!

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