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February 3, 2016

NFL Super Bowl 50 – Go Broncos!

February 3, 2016

Three tips to get the most from your smartphone

February 3, 2016

This month our tech spotter brings you our Top 3 tips to keep your smartphone working as hard as you do!

1. Battery

One of the major bugbears for users of modern smartphones is the lack of battery life. It’s not unusual nowadays to have your phone plugged in multiple times a day.

One way to make your battery last longer is to utilise your smartphone’s “Low Power Mode” or “Battery Saving Mode” whenever possible. This will stop energy-sapping applications and processes such as GPS or background downloads.

If your smartphone’s battery is still selling you short then you might want to look into the Resurgence Series line of Battery cases.

2. Stream Your Content

Many of us are guilty of spending hours each day with our heads buried in our phones watching hilarious YouTube videos or the latest Netflix shows. Why not stream your phone’s content through a nearby TV?

If you have an iPhone you can use Apple TV to stream your favourite apps and videos on the big screen.

For those of an Android persuasion, your best bet is the Google Chromecast. This small but mighty device has been a massive hit since it first launched in 2013, with an updated version hitting the market last year.

3. Your Phone is your Personal Assistant

Siri has been a key feature of iPhone’s since 2011. The “Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface” allows users to query the web or access other functions of their phone through voice commands.

Google Now takes this one step further with the App integrating every aspect of how you use your smartphone. For example, the App analyses your location data to tell you how long it will take to get home or to work. If you’re a regular Chrome user, the app will also give you useful updates from your favourite sites.

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