January 18, 2016

Apps of the Month: January Special

January 18, 2016

OtterBox’s 10 Gym Bag Essentials

January 18, 2016
Symmetry Series Folio

As we are now mid-way through January, a lot of us have been attempting fitness programs that have had varying degrees of success rates. The majority of us hope to fit in an hour for workouts, three days a week whether that’s morning, afternoons or evening time. The burning question is when to fit it in (no pun intended!) ?

To make life easier, what helps us is to write a quick list and ensure that the basics are added and stay in your gym bag permanently – this has basically become a lifesaver post workouts.

Here are the items that we suggest to carry in your gym bag and that we can’t live without:

  1. Gym Bag

It seems like a pretty obvious place to start but a good gym bag is essential when getting into good fitness habits.

Having a selection of pockets and compartments that separate all your different belongings out can be the perfect place to start.

We suggest a nice rucksack with side pockets for bottles or shakers – great for easy access as well.

  1. WaterBottle

No need to sip from water fountains anymore and you can use it for your all of your refreshment needs! Just make sure you wash it thoroughly after every workout.

  1. Ear buds and Spotify

Workout playlists are sacred at the gym. We all need a little dance music to get us through our run, but we may not like to admit it.

  1. Sports Towel(s)

Towels – yes we mean to say two towels. One where you can dry yourself off after a shower but also another to wipe down equipment after use. Be kind to your fellow gym members!

  1. Trainers

Another crucial component of your workout, your footwear is essential to minimise joint and back issues during your session and besides… with the choice that’s available and the resurgence of the ‘sneaker’, they have become the ultimate style  accessory of the moment

  1. Antiperspirant/Deodorant

Leave the gym smelling more energised than you feel. Enough said.

  1. Face wipes

The great thing about a baby wipes is their versatility whether for quickly cleaning equipment or as a quick cool down towel.

  1. Flip Flops

Unless you prefer standing in a gym shower…..?

  1. Hair ties

Nothing’s more irritating than an intense workout with hair being loose, so pack hair ties and keep any cascading locks hidden away

  1. Foam roller

If you often find that you have troubles with muscle pain, invest in a foam roller for after your session. This is a super simple self-massage device that allows you to apply pressure to problem areas both before and after exercises.

Ensure you phone is covered with the very best in protection for those endurance runs.

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