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January 15, 2016

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January 15, 2016


January 15, 2016

Our recent exploration of the future of work through our #StradaFuturePros sparked our curiosity around the field of Augmented Reality.  What is it?  What are the benefits?  What can it bring to our futures?

Check out our top 5 facts about Augmented Reality (otherwise known as AR) here – happy reading!

  1. AR has often being coined as one of the greatest technological advancements of our lifetime however what most people don’t realise is that AR was actually introduced more than 25 years ago when TV weather reports adopted the first application in 1975. Now that’s something we didn’t know!
  1. The introduction of smartphones was a major game changer within the industry with more than 30% of smartphone users in mature markets using AR at least once a week in 2014, and this figure is only growing.
  1. Augmented Reality (AR) versus Virtual Reality (VR)… There’s a difference?!

There has long been some confusion over AR and VR and while they have some similarities with the end goal being to immerse the user, both systems do this in various different ways.

With AR, users continue to be in touch with reality while interacting with elements of the virtual world around them.

With VR, the user becomes almost isolated from reality and fully immersed in a virtual world. How to better understand VR is to look to video games, social networking in a virtual environment, all of which are examples of VR.

  1. Unless you have been watching AR closely, you may not have realised the huge growth of apps in this area. Now AR apps offer a whole new world to users whether to entertain, educate, inform– the list is endless! Check out the top ten AR Apps here brought to you by our friends at

Don’t underestimate the sheer size of this industry, it is estimated that both AR/VR combined could hit $150 billion revenue in little over 4 years, with AR taking the lionshare of the market. 2020 here we come!

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