Guest Blog: Sebastian’s View on his favourite Christmas Gifts with OtterBox

December 22, 2015

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December 22, 2015

Guest Blog: Roy Boere’s Tips on Travel Essentials

December 22, 2015

Of course your sweater, pants and jacket (the whole outfit) have to match. Together with a collection of the perfect accessories, we all hope to exude the perfect look.  Everyone, including bloggers who have an interest in fashion, knows the feeling. We make sure everything fits well and do out utmost to look as good as possible every day. City breaks require meticulous planning, with daytime to night-time outfits planned accordingly.

My tips? Make sure that you prepare your travel essentials in advance; you may be looking awesome, but a big no-no is forgetting  your gadgets.They too have to look as good possible. Take your mobile phone as an example. It’s always glued to our hands and has more value than the most things we carry around, but is it well protected? Does it look good?

My iPhone wears a ‘jacket’ from OtterBox, this way I am sure that my mobile is very well protected and that it looks good all day. Because with all those selfies I take in on a city break, there is a big chance that my phone could drop out of my hand. For someone who is using their phone as often as me, a cracked screen is the last thing you would ever want.

Visit the OtterBox website here and shop the Symmetry Series, maybe you can make that special someone very happy for Christmas with a new ‘jacket’ for his or her mobile phone.

For all our Dutch speakers, see the feature on my own blog here.

Enjoy shopping and a Merry Christmas! X