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November 24, 2015

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November 24, 2015

Street Style Series | Spain

November 24, 2015

Street style across Europe is stirring global trends and dare we say it…influencing the runway.  Today we bring you the first in our spotlight on the hottest trends from the streets of Europe, with style inspo from Barcelona.

In Spain, home of style powerhouses Zara and Pull & Bear, style follows the prevailing trend of the season combined with staple, must-have pieces.  Colours, prints and fabrics blend to reflect the latest trends, with the effortless sense of style that the Spanish are renowned for.   Accessories also play in important role adding a touch of personality to one’s look.  For our Spanish friends detail is key, great care is taken when putting an outfit together balancing seasonal trends, personal touches and…the weather!

‘For me street style is the expression of an individual’s unique personality through the way they dress…,’ says Andreina, Consultant from Barcelona, Spain.

What does street style mean to you?  Tell us more in the comments section below.