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November 27, 2015

Street Style Series | France

November 27, 2015

Street Style Series | Italy

November 27, 2015

Today we bring you some red hot inspiration from Milan, Italy where #StreetStyle is always evolving, it is fun and glam, always in the air without filters (e comunque nell’aria senza filtri).

In Italy women truly live “their Street Style”, they are daring with their tastes and combinations, playing with their personalities, overlapping fabrics, colours and trends. Elegant clothes are common even during the day, where ladies often show their creative flair by playing down a dress with a pair of combat boots or dressing up a simple pair of jeans with a shirt or blouse, for an eye-catching look.

Jeans are the most loved style staple of both Italian men and women, of all ages.   A pair of good jeans are never lacking in an Italian’s wardrobe, with careful attention paid to the mix of design, cut and styling.

Speaking about what Street Style means to her Simona C., Marketing Specialist from Milan said, ‘Street Style in Italy is the highest expression of our personality, taste of daring or even find the object or the detail that makes us unique in the way we live that specific time or day.’

‘Lo street style è sempre in continua evoluzione, è divertente e il glam è sempre e comunque nell’aria senza filtri’.

Does Italy’s street style inspire you?  Tell us how below…