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October 21, 2015

#StradaFuturePros | CuteCircuit

October 21, 2015

#StradaFuturePros | WertelOberfell

October 21, 2015

The Future of design is Revealed.

To celebrate the release of Strada Series for iPhone 6s we’ve teamed up with some of the most forward thinking brands to bring you the ‘OtterBox Strada Future Professionals Series’ – a set of four short films starring European professionals who are laying the groundwork for the future of their professions. In the first installment we meet WertelOberfell, 3D printing designers to create a mini documentary looking at how 3D printing is shaping the future and the world beyond!

Watch as the mini-documentary goes on to document the innovator’s designs including their 3D printed jewellery collection inspired by the way the expert’s CAD program models developable surfaces. As well as Entity, this lamp combines a 3D printed design with interchangeable colour capabilities that can be controlled via an app on a users connected device allowing users to display more than 16 million different colours!

The video concludes with shots of WertelOberfell’s notorious Fractal table being 3D printed. The Fractal table is a result of studies into fractal growth patterns that can be found in nature and which can be described with mathematical algorithms. Fractal.MGX is part of the permanent collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

“When talking about 3D printing there are almost no limits at all and it is definitely the most exciting technological innovation since a long time.” Jan Wertel, co-founder of WertelOberfell.

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