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October 12, 2015

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October 12, 2015

#StradaFuturePros Futurist Report – Work Will be Optional by 2035!

October 12, 2015
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You hard working professionals, with long hours, endless commutes and stuffy offices can rest easy as a new OtterBox study reveals work will be optional in 20 years time.

No really!

Our new study (in collaboration with the futurists and insight experts at Rohrbeck Heger) looks at the professional world in 2035 and was commissioned to celebration the release of the new Strada Series smartphone case range (for iPhone 6s) – designed for the forward thinking professional. Here’s what you can expect…

  • People will only work to afford better experiences or pursue bigger dreams – or both – the emerging ‘economy of abundance’ will provide for basic needs like shelter, food, healthcare and education either for free or at a nominal cost.
  • Interfaces will be implanted into future professional’s brains; By 2035 some workers will begin implanting interfaces directly into their brains, greatly enhancing the human/machine interaction
  • Everyone will have a virtual assistant; yep you read correctly…a virtual PA of your very own!
  • We’ll all be freelancers. Companies will adopt a project-based organisational structure where projects are identified, teams are put together, results are achieved and the team disbands, moving on to new projects.
  • The dreaded commute will be no more! In it’s place…virtual get-togethers; virtual and augmented reality technologies will provide immersive ways to stay in touch with people. Welcome to the future!
  • Large sprawling offices be gone! Communal work spaces will take over ‘the office’; gone are the days of large office spaces and conference rooms as work in the exponential society will be performed in smaller teams.
  • The word retirement won’t exist…as work will be optional.  The expected ‘economy of abundance’ means basic needs will be provided for and there’s neither a need to work, nor retire!
  • Future professionals will work in three main vocations; making sure things work, making things bigger and better or creating ‘new’ things.

What is your dream future workplace?  Tell us below.

OtterBox worked with Rohrbeck Heger on this report which is based on individual research, insight, prediction and analysis, is entirely opinion and not intended to be a statement of fact.  

The #StradaFuturePros study was commissioned the celebrate the launch of Strada Series for iPhone 6s.  Click here to protect your iPhone 6/6s and accentuate your work-wear.