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October 8, 2015

Professional Style Series | Italy

October 8, 2015

Professional Style Series | Spain

October 8, 2015

To celebrate the launch of Strada Series for iPhone 6s we’ll be bringing you a new series of blog posts on professional style from across Europe. The first in this series looks at what influences men’s professional attire in Spain!

Naturally, the weather in Spain has a big influence on what people wear to work. It’s important to stay cool and comfortable throughout the day so generally quality shirts are a must, there is little need for a jacket or blazer during the warmer months. When it does get a little chillier (sub 20 degrees for our Spanish friends!) a jacket or wool sweater can be added to protect against an evening chill.

As the Spanish love after work meetings and spending time with colleagues after a hard day at the office their business casual work style is perfect for the day to evening transition. In Spain the more formal work attire is adopted by people working in professions such as law or the financial space.

Spanish style is summed up in three words; Comfortable, Smart and On-Trend according to Fernando Lopez a Marketing Agency Account Manager based in Madrid.

What’s your favourite Spanish style influence? Tell us below.