Professional Style Series | Spain

October 9, 2015

Professional Style Series | France

October 9, 2015

Professional Style Series | Italy

October 9, 2015
Professional Style_Paris_StradaFuturePros

The next feature in our Professional Style Series to celebrate the launch of Strada Series for iPhone 6s comes from Italy, one of the world’s renowned fashion powerhouses.

In the Italian workplace formal style is a must in large companies, particularly multinationals and those in client facing roles.  In roles which are more internally focused the look is casual but keeping a focus on style.

In the Italian professional space fashion is very influential, one’s style is seen as ‘an exhibition of social status’.  Which makes careful attention to personal style a must for most people.  Italians tend to prioritise their style staples and essentials over other needs, to ensure that they represent their ‘best selves’.   Details are very important in the choice of fabrics and materials as well as how they are combined to create the overall look.

As we saw in Spain the weather has its part to play in influencing Italian work-style.  In the North the colder seasons make heavy sweaters and down jackets a must, while in the South we see lighter clothing and fabrics.

To summarise…“Casual o elegante, lo stile italiano è unico e inconfondibile.” (Casual or elegant, Italian style is unique and unmistakable.), says Simona C., Marketing Manager from Milan, Italy.

What’s does Italian style mean for you?  Tell us in the comment section below.