Professional Life in 2035 | Berlin

October 16, 2015

Posing Up a Storm with Chloe Sterk at MFW

October 16, 2015

Professional Life in 2035 | Stockholm

October 16, 2015

What will life be like in 2035?  Where will we live, work and socialise?

As part of our #StradaFuturePros study we worked with Rohrbeck Heger*, expert futurists, to take a look at what professional life for someone in Sweden might look like in 2035! Meet Jasmin…

Jasmin designs and innovates business models.  She is an expert in building new business models for communications infrastructure companies; helping them transform into B2B companies.  But for now, she is enjoying her well deserved, 3-month break after a grueling engagement with a client in a really tough situation.  ConnectedAll was once a leading communications company offering “always on” personal connectivity services directly to consumers.  Unfortunately, the connectivity business had turned into a low-margin, utility-like business and ConnectedAll needed to find new sources of growth before the old business model becomes totally unviable.  Jasmin was hired to inject new life into the clunky business model and engage with the management team to implement new business models capable of delivering higher growth.  For this project, Jasmin was presented with a challenge of turning ConnectedAll into a services company without materially changing the company’s resources and know-how and do it in 12 months or less.

To respond, Jasmin put together an expert team of other business modelers, technologists, anthropologists, and various creative types from different places around the world to solve ConnectedAll’s problem.  The team met every week for a 8 months via Holo, a virtual presence group working space, and used SeeFuture7 (a scenario service which accesses all OpenData to build virtual future worlds) to test out the business models in various scenarios and rank them according to future business fit and impact.  For ConnectedAll, Jasmin and the team designed and built an automated, dynamic business model that atomized (or unbundled) personal communication functions and capabilities and re-bundled them into other platforms’ functions and capabilities in real-time.  As a result, ConnectedAll’s customers (platform owners) were able to better serve their customers by offering value-added, seamless connectivity as a part of the platform’s value proposition.

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*OtterBox worked with Rohrbeck Heger on this report which is based on individual research, insight, prediction and analysis, is entirely opinion and not intended to be a statement of fact.  

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