#StradaFuturePros Futurist Report – Work Will be Optional by 2035!

October 13, 2015

Professional Life in 2035 | Paris

October 13, 2015

Professional Life in 2035 | London

October 13, 2015

What will life be like in 2035?  Where will we live, work and socialise?

As part of our #StradaFuturePros study we worked with Rohrbeck Heger*, expert futurists, to take a look at what professional life for someone in the UK might look like in 2035!  Meet Mary…

Mary has been contracted by YourGoodMoney, a financial experiences company based in London, to offer innovative money experiences for the banks’ high value customers; many of them who are very high net worth Millennials.

The goal of the project was to enable this customer segment to make cross-border transactions in different currencies without active/direct customer involvement.  Mary and her team had to find a way to properly contextualise money-related experiences of high value customers and develop algorithms that satisfy customers’ needs/wants and, at the same time, keep the money part of the experience invisible for the customers (and without errors of course).

Since London has been the epicentre of FinTech innovation since the 2010’s, Mary had no problems finding the right talent locally – which was important for this project as the tight schedule required onsite teamwork.  Together with her agents, she was able to contract world-class talent for the full duration of the project and for 3 months they practically lived in the pop-up offices they 3D printed near YourGoodMoney’s headquarters.  Through hard work and some luck, Mary and the team were able to deliver the requested financial experience platform; just in time for the Christmas holidays – a time of giving.

Many of the audience were giddy and delighted when Zoe P. (a Millennial celebrity who made her money by building the world’s most successful “Compassion as a Service” business) demonstrated the platform and was able to donate $100 million to various children’s education platforms around the world just by virtually interacting with children on YourGoodMoney’s financial experience platform.  Thanks to this project, Mary has become “the expert” in money experience solutions.

What is your dream future profession?  Tell us below.

*OtterBox worked with Rohrbeck Heger on this report which is based on individual research, insight, prediction and analysis, is entirely opinion and not intended to be a statement of fact.  

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