Professional Life in 2035 | Paris

October 16, 2015

Professional Life in 2035 | Stockholm

October 16, 2015

Professional Life in 2035 | Berlin

October 16, 2015

What will life be like in 2035?  Where will we live, work and socialise?

As part of our #StradaFuturePros study we worked with Rohrbeck Heger*, expert futurists, to take a look at what professional life for someone in Germany might look like in 2035! Meet Karl…

Karl was selected to be part of the team that will make urban transportation systems bigger and better. He is a specialist in blockchain technology (which guarantees trust between 3rd parties at the infrastructure level) in Berlin and is working hard with the team to displace leading car sharing platforms by eliminating the need for a 3rd party providers of trust.

His work agent, located in London, who specialises in finding opportunities related to Bitcoin and blockchain technologies, was able to generate high daily rates for Karl for 3 months as he has one of the best ratings in CoinedMe7, the global work platform for Bitcoin specialists (which is one of many specialised work platforms).

Karl, with the help of Kyra (his virtual assistant) manages every aspect of the project. Karl, like many other professionals, works from home, coffee shops, co-working centers, or anywhere else where he chooses. When he needs to collaborate with other team members, meetings are held “on-site” holographically at the conference room at Work, his co-working office.

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*OtterBox worked with Rohrbeck Heger on this report which is based on individual research, insight, prediction and analysis, is entirely opinion and not intended to be a statement of fact.  

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