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October 30, 2015

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October 30, 2015

Naomi Hatherley Design Exclusive

October 30, 2015

Some of you might remember a certain event called #SymmetryStreet which took place earlier this year in Spitafields Market in London. You might also remember and a very talented young designer called Naomi Hatherley whose designs won the overall street style event…Well, she has only gone and designed an exclusive insert for our MySymmetry Series of cases!

We sat down with Naomi recently to ask her some questions about her design philosophy, the inspiration behind her insert and lots more, here’s what she had to say!

Describe Naomi Hatherley as a Designer

I’m a womenswear designer who is inspired by androgyny and the idea of gender- neutral.

We first met you earlier this year when you were crowned winner of #Symmetry Street, London’s first Street Style Weekend, describe the inspiration behind the collection.

My inspiration for my graduate collection, which was showcased at #SymmetryStreet, was inspired by several different ideas and concepts including, David Bowie and his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, the sexual revolution, cross dressers and gender stereotypes.

We’re OBSESSED with the insert you’ve designed for us, tell us a little about it.

The design itself compliments and reflects my overall collection with the statement cow print and big centered heart. The cow print pattern was actually a metaphor representing the idea of an alter ego, the black and white cow being one side of a person and the red and white being the flamboyant other personality. This graphic case insert is perfect for the timeless monochrome trend with a post modern feel about it with the pop of bright red, making it a style statement.

A personalised phone case is definitely a big trend in terms of modern accessorising, tell us how else you approach accessorising in your own personal style.

Of course, statement accessories complete an outfit. I love a scarf especially as we move through the Autumn towards Winter, a luxurious thick and long scarf make a pair of ripped jeans, white t-shirt and leather jacket, look effortlessly chic. I’ve got a black crocheted one I wear to death!

Next for me is the hand bag, my everyday bag is a black bucket bag. It goes with everything and fits so much in! I call it my Mary poppins bag!

Last but not least, my phone is definitely my favourite and most needed accessory. I’m a self confessed phone addict! Therefor of course it’s important to have a cool and fashionable case. Otter box not only look great and trendy but they are very protective as well! For Someone as clumsy as myself they’re perfect!

Check out Naomi’s exclusive insert design right here now!