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August 10, 2015

5 Best #PhoneLove Facts

August 10, 2015

#PhoneLove with Kavita

August 10, 2015
Kavita Donkersley

We caught up with Kavita, our official SymmetryStreet Fashion Blogger to ask her some#PhoneLove questions!


What type of phone do you have?

I have an iPhone 6 and I absolutely love it! I used to have the 3s, 4 AND 5 so it’s what I’m used to!

Would you consider yourself obsessed with your phone, do you have #PhoneLove?

I definitely would! It’s something that’s a staple for not only keeping up with my friends and family but also my readers! It is definitely one of my top three most important things and I’m always checking if it’s still in my pocket because it would be an absolute nightmare if I lost it!

Do you carry your charger around with you just in case?

I always do, and a portable charger! It’s funny as recently I popped into London for the SymmetryStreet master class shoot and I had forgotten my charger and I’ve never felt stress like it! Luckily the team had a spare charger so I was pretty lucky…but it’s rare for me to leave my house without one usually!

How many pictures have you got saved right now? 

I actually have 2,000! And that’s not the worst of it; I used to have 4,500 – eek! I take every single picture on my iPhone and am always snapping clothes, getting screen shots of fashion trends online and just generally taking pretty snaps day-to-day!

Do you have any weird phone habits?

I wouldn’t say weird, but I alwaaaaays get scared I don’t know where my phone is and it’s usually in my hand! I also get scared I’ve left my phone at home – but I always subconsciously pop it in because I’m so obsessed with it!

What’s your most used emoji?

My most used is the ‘girl giving sass’ emoji – relevant to everything in every day life I would say!

What app are you in love with?

I have this new gaming app called hoppy frog that my sister has made me obsessed with and I haven’t stopped playing it. Literally have a score of 150 (which is pretty high) because I play it so, so much! I also have ‘Words’, which is basically, scrabble on your phone – which I play with my friends.

Who was the last person you text?

It would be my sister, we live together and even if she’s sat downstairs we will chat via text, we’re pretty lazy.

What is a typical day in your life?

Oh that’s a hard one as it changes so much! When I’m not travelling or working on campaigns I will get up at around 8am – 9am and pop to the gym. After a work out, I’ll grab my laptop at my desk and pretty much stay there until 8pm emailing, working on the blog, editing and publishing!


Were so excited to have Kavita as our official SymmetryStreet fashion blogger! Stay tuned for her masterclass right here on Friday 17th of April when she will be revealing her top street style tips!

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