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July 24, 2015

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July 24, 2015

Festival Series | My Weekend at Longitude 2015

July 24, 2015
OtterBox loves TCR
Hozier at Longitude 2015

We caught up with OtterBox competition winner Aimee Crawford to see how she enjoyed her time at Longitude 2015, find out what she had to say!

Aimee & Cillian at Longitude 2015

Aimee & Cillian at Longitude 2015

1.  Who were you most looking forward to seeing at Longitude?
My friend Cillian and I were really looking forward to seeing Hozier live for the first time. In fact, last Monday morning I was sitting at home watching him perform at an English festival on TV. He was absolutely incredible and I was thinking how much I would love to see him live someday. I then picked up my phone and to my complete disbelief I had a message from Otterbox congratulating me on winning tickets to Longitude. It really was the perfect moment!

2. What as your favorite performance of the weekend?

The act that I had the most fun at was most definitely The Chemical Brothers on the Sunday night. They closed the festival and absolutely blew Marley Park away. The rain disappeared and the thousands at the festival gathered at the main stage to witness the performance. Opening with their hit ‘Hey boy, Hey girl,’ the crowd went crazy for the duo. Spectacular visuals, lasers pointing skywards and even two giant robots on stage set the acts performance apart from anyone else’s over the weekend. The following day the memory of the night could still be felt in my ringing eardrums!

3. What was the highlight of the weekend?

A highlight for me was when Hozier performed one of my favourite songs ‘Work Song’. I was becoming a little anxious that he wasn’t going to perform it until he remerged on the stage and closed the festival for the Friday night with the song. As I’m quite small, Cillian’s shoulders proved very useful and the views of the stage and the huge crowd all singing at once from up in the air was incredible. Another great moment was seeing a fantastic band which are local to me in Dundalk, ‘The Beached Whales’ wow crowds in the The Dirty Old Town Speakeasy stage.

4. Describe your festival style!

Festival clothing is most definitely my favourite type of clothing and I didn’t shy away from the occasion! The attire for the weekend included funky colourful trousers, doc martins, bandannas and of course lots of face paint. The rain jacket from Penney’s was also a necessity for the weekend!

5. What was your must have festival accessory/item?

My phone was an essential for Longitude and I couldn’t have gone without it. A new feature at Longitude this year allowed festival goers to use their phone to book seats on the ‘3deck’, a platform opposite the main stage with great views. It also was useful in trying to capture some of the incredible atmosphere over the weekend in video and pictures. I was happy to show off my phone in my new OtterBox case and I wasn’t worried about using it at the festival as it felt protected from any potenial falls!

What have been your Summer festival highlights this year? Tell us below!