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May 14, 2015

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May 14, 2015

7 Ways to Save your Phone Memory

May 14, 2015
OtterBox loves TCR
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We’ve all been there more than we’d like – just when you’re trying to capture an epic moment or download the latest must have app… your plan is ruined because your phone memory is full!Cannot Download

So, to make sure you’re phone is always ready to take that super important next snap, we’ve put together our top tips for spring cleaning your device!

1. Stop Hoarding!

Our rule of thumb?! If you haven’t use it in the last month…delete it! Stop App Hoarding!

2. Install a Cleaning App

Yes, we’re trying to help you reduce the number of apps on your phone but these will help you do just that! Clean Master for Android will give you a list of caches and data that you might want to delete. It will also let you schedule reminders to clear your cache based on the amount of time you have the app and data size. For iOS users Phone Clean is the best app to use to clean up your phone.

3. Change your Location Permissions

If you’re not too keen on your apps knowing where you are at all times changing your location permissions will help you monitor this and cut down on the memory your phone is using. Review which apps are using your location settings and revise their permissions.

4. Delete Unnecessary Contacts

If you haven’t spoken to them in the last year maybe it’s time to delete than from your contacts – they’re taking up precious space!

5. Back Up Your Photos

Photos are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to taking up space so our advice is to back them up. Don’t get us wrong, we like to scroll through our photos during a minute’s downtime too but come on – do you really need your photos from your holiday two years ago on your phone?! Back them up and delete!

6. Keep an eye on Push Notifications

Push notifications run in the background so beware! This is handy for some apps like Facebook or Instagram when you want to know if people have tagged you or commented on a photo of yours but for others it can be quite annoying. Take a look through the apps with Push Notifications and decide which ones you want to hear from and which ones you don’t!

7. Clear your Cache

Just like a computer, your phone has a cache. For Android users, download the App Cache Cleaner, this app gets rid of all of your cached files and frees up more memory. For iPhone users, just go to “Settings” for any browsers you use on your device and hit “clear cache”. Easy!

So, now that you’ve hopefully been able to free up a little space, we wish you hours of happy snapping…app downloading…Spotify playing…YouTube watching….Facebook Uploading…and so on!


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