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April 10, 2015

Designer Spotlight on Hannah Inskip

April 10, 2015

OtterBox Presents SymmetryStreet Class of 2015

April 10, 2015
Anne - Brick Lane
Hannah Inskip

In celebration of the launch of the OtterBox MySymmetry Series case and 50 years of street style photography, OtterBox presents CLASS OF 2015; a digital exhibition exploring street style photography past and present.

Featured in this exhibition is a curated selection of work by emerging street style photographers.

All photographers have a passion for portraying everyday style and vibrant street life.

Also featuring in the exhibition are images from the first book on street style, Take Ivy, published in 1965. Documenting college students in US Ivy League schools, the images were the first to focus on everyday personal style.




Entering his final year BA Fashion Photography & Styling at London College of Fashion, Thomas has been involved in photography for the past 6 years. He is inspired by culture, society and representation. There is a hybrid method in his work in the mixing of digital and analogue technologies. Thomas creates believable photographs of individual people in a set­up reality which uses fashion to add a post­modern aesthetic. The resulting portraits create a connection with the viewer which is familiar yet challenging at the same time.

Instagram​: @thomaschatt

Twitter: ​@thomaschatt



Founder of website, London Streetstyle, Silviu scouts for stylish individuals in London on a daily basis. He is passionate about portraiture and documentary photography, as he loves to engage with people and tell their stories through his images.

Website: ​


Instagram​: @sil_doroftei

Twitter: ​@silviudoroftei



Adriana Deco is a fashion illustrator, singer songwriter and street style blogger based in London. As a graduate of the London College of Fashion, she is currently undergoing a scholarship in music at Urban Development. Adriana is a colourful personality with many talents, always pushing herself to the discovery of innovative forms of illustration, music and moving image. She combines her artistic talents into visual performance and experiments with styling. She is also a regular attendee of London Fashion Week and passionate about street style. Adriana is currently working on her new EP.

Personal photo by Elena Rostunova.

Instagram: ​@adriana_deco

Twitter:​ @adriana_deco

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Jasmina is currently studying for her GCSEs. In the summer of 2014, she started her magazine, Sewn Up Pockets, aiming to show the work of creatives from all over the world, as well as her own photography and art. In conjunction with Issue 1, Jasmina produced a zine, named ‘All the Young Dudes’, which focused on London street style. The concept of street style is something very interesting to Jasmina, in its representation of real life and the diversity of our culture, celebrating the originality of the individual. Also featured in the exhibition is an image from a collage series resulting from a collaboration between Jasmina and

Sydney­based photographer, Magnolia Minton Sparks.


Instagram: ​@sewnuppockets

Facebook:​ @sewnuppockets



Graduating in BA Photography from University of East London in 2012, Emerzy is known for many genres professionally: fashion, product, events and still life, but reportage will always be close to his heart. He finds himself inspired by what he sees around him, sharing it through his lens. Developing a strong following through his vibrant and quirky style, Emerzy has used London’s popular, cosmopolitan culture to create an intimate familiarity with events, venues and galleries within the city.

Website: ​

Instagram: ​@emerzycorbin

Twitter: ​@emerzycorbin




Cristiana Malcica is a London based photographer who focuses on fashion, portraiture and street style. Currently as student at London College of Fashion, her passion for image­making has been growing since the age of 12, when she picked up her first camera. Being brought up in Eastern Europe, surrounded by the typical brutalist architecture of a former communist country, she wanted to create colourful, vivid images that would strongly contrast with the dull environment she was familiar with. She discovered street style when she moved to London and instantly fell in love with it, as it enabled her to capture the particularly bold sense of style that Londoners have. The blogger featured in images 01 to 04 is Anisa Sojka from Photograph no. 05 features Mariko Kuo, the blogger behind

Instagram: ​@cristianamalcica



By Teruyoshi Hayashida published by PowerHouse Books



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