How to Create Your Very Own GIF

March 30, 2015

Designer Spotlight on Egle Vaituleviciute

March 30, 2015

This just in – you can star in your own emoji!

March 30, 2015
Working Progress Egle Vaituleviciute
waving shark emoji

Emoji enthusiast? Casual user? Admirer? Bitstrips has released a new app just for you. After a quick download and a few clicks, you can now have your own, personalized set of emojis.


Bitmoji is available for free on both IOS and Android. Simply search for Bitmoji in your app store, download and sign in through your Facebook account or with an email address.














Creating your Avatar

After your download, you will be prompted to design your Avatar. The app will walk you through each feature of your virtual self (with plenty of options to choose from). You will be able to choose your face shape, skin tone, hair colour, eyebrow shape, nose, mouth, makeup/facial hair, height, body type and clothing.






























Enabling the Keyboard

Once your Avatar is designed, there is one last step before you can start using your new emojis; enabling the keyboard.

On iOS, simply go to Settings à General à Keyboards àKeyboards à Add New Keyboard and select Bitmoji.

Make sure to enable the “Allow Full Access” toggle, or you will not be able to see the emojis.

Have fun!

You’re ready to go! Bitmoji has sharing options for Messages, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook and Facebook messenger. Simply head to your messages, click through to your new Bitmoji keyboard, and start sending your pictures around!

We had a good time sending some of the following Bitmoji’s to our unsuspecting friends.

Waving Shark Bitmoji

waving shark emoji










Kim Kardashian Bitmoji

Kim K Bitmoji









The Dress Bitmoji

dress bitmoji